Friday, January 6, 2012

AnimSchool Webcast: Tom Bancroft, Part 3

      In Part 3 from AnimSchool's live webcast with Tom Bancroft, Tom walks through a couple of his shots from Disney's "Mulan," and talks about the inspiration he drew from when introducing Mushu. He also discusses a few cheats and challenges that went along with 2D animation.

In upcoming Part 4, Tom discusses adding rhythm and flow to character poses.


  1. This is great! I was lucky enough to catch the whole webcast on your replay feature when it was still available.

    Unfortunately I missed out on the AnimSchool's Jeff Gabor Webcast Recording due to unforseen technical issues with my broadnabd!

    I really hope you can consider reposting that webinar in similiar format to this one.

  2. Thanks! We will be coming out with that soon, yes. Thanks,

  3. That will be awesome! Can't wait!


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