Thursday, November 8, 2018

New AnimSchool Character Rig: Marina

AnimSchool Student Dayanna Rodriguez
Marina is AnimSchool's charming new character rig.

Marina's 2nd set of clothes are in development. She'll have two complete outfit changes and two hairstyles to choose from. Students can mix and match the shirts, pants, shoes, jacket, as well as hair to get a unique look.

AnimSchool's new character Marina is already a favorite among our animation students. Our students use Marina in our feature animation classes 5-7.

AnimSchool Student James Blackmer
Check out these images from AnimSchool students using Marina already this term: Dayanna Rodriguez, James Blackmer, Tushar Bharti, and Marion Duvert.

You can see some of their works-in-progress on our Facebook page here:

AnimSchool Student Tushar Bharti
Marina was crafted over months to ensure appeal and versatility, with greater support for hard deformations. Marina continues a new initiative at AnimSchool, using detailed texturing, like our new Marco rig.

Marina looks great in Maya's viewport too, taking advantage of Maya's Viewport 2.0 stingray materials display.

Marina was designed by Borja Montoro at Sergio Pablos Animation and modeled by Nina Tarasova and Dave Gallagher, textured by Nina Tarasova, and rigged by AnimSchool founder Dave Gallagher.

AnimSchool student Marion Duvert
The designer for this character is Borja Montoro at Sergio Pablos Animation Studios. Sergio previously allowed AnimSchool to use the design for his Giacomo character in 2015. Now AnimSchool is authorized to use the Marina design for our animation students.

Last CTN Expo, Sergio Pablos saw AnimSchool's animation Showcase and said AnimSchool is pushing the boundaries and he loves our students' work!

Come join all the students learning online at AnimSchool:


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