Wednesday, February 12, 2020

AnimSchool Contest: Marco Rig

pose by AnimSchool student Arturo Rosado


AnimSchool Contest February 12 - March 13, 2020 (voting until 18th)
We are giving away four licenses to use our exclusive character rig Marco for personal, non-commercial uses (two per division).
There are two divisions, Novice and Professional, each one with a prize for 1st and 2nd place.
Enter the Novice Division if you want to compete against Beginners and more basic early professionals. The prize is one license for our character rig Marco for personal, non-commercial use for 1st and 2nd place each.
Enter the Professional Division if you want to compete against more advanced pros. The prize is one license for our character rig Marco for personal, non-commercial use for 1st and 2nd place each. And for 1st place, the rig AND a $600 discount off an AnimSchool class (if the recipient is eligible to be a student at AnimSchool. To see residency restrictions see this link and other steps here.)
You could win one of two licenses per division to use our exclusive character rig, Marco for personal, non-commercial uses for the BEST animation using AnimSchool's Malcolm rig you can download here. You can post one you have ALREADY DONE or a new animation you make for this contest.
Animation must be 30 seconds or shorter in length and AnimSchool's Malcolm rig must be shown, animated, within the first 5 seconds of any entry. Any additional rigs you use must be be licensed to be used in a contest like this.
The animation must be your own. No group animated projects. Individual participants only. 3D animation only. G/PG-rated content only.
This contest is open to the public as well as AnimSchool students.
Winners will be determined as follows: AnimSchool's Review Board will select the top two winners per division from the top ten entries (the ones with the highest votes). Voting starts now, runs through the contest and ends 5 days after the contest end date shown above in the contest description.
You don't have to enter the contest to vote. Vote based on the best animation (ideas, posing, fundamentals, weight, appeal, acting, execution, polish). Do not vote based on render quality since this is not a lighting/rendering contest.
More Details here: AnimSchool Contest Site

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Shot Planning, Part 3 - 3D Animation Acting Choices

Many professional animators believe that the planning phase is the most important part of animating a good shot, and take a good amount of time to plan even when on a tight schedule. We’ve discussed planning within your sequence and directing your audience, and now it’s time to work on what could make or break your shot - acting choices. As instructor Rahul Dabholkar mentions in our class clip for this post, your acting choices are what will set you apart from other good animators. Even an action as simple as sitting and reacting to what another character is saying can be acted out in hundreds of ways, and it’s up to you as the animator to choose the most appropriate, believable, and relatable way to portray it.  

What are some ways you could act out a simple reaction shot? Rahul goes over a few ways to portray different characters in this clip from our Animating Appeal and Entertainment class:

These are the kind of skills you can learn in our online animation classes and animation workshops. If you’re interested in 3D animation programs, check us out at our website link below!

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