Friday, December 7, 2018

New AnimSchool VFX Character: Towerback

AnimSchool's new VFX Creature Animation class uses our new detailed creature rigs.

"Towerback" is our new VFX character. He's taller than a building and shakes the earth when he moves. These creatures are eager to wreak havoc and create mayhem in the cityscapes we provide.

Our students use Towerback in our new VFX Creature Animation class, integrated with our custom HDRI background plates. To apply to be a student at AnimSchool go to

Towerback was designed by artist Yishu Ci and modeled by AnimSchool founder Dave Gallagher, and textured by AnimSchool alum Paul Bellozas.

Come join our VFX and other animation classes to learn with AnimSchool rigs!

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