Saturday, November 26, 2011

AnimSchool-- CTN Expo!

AnimSchool was in full force at the CTN Expo in Los Angeles this past week!

Onlookers and interested students visited with 4 on-hand AnimSchool instructors. Many aspiring students received a personal reel review, and were able to ask questions about how the programs at AnimSchool work.

Many stopped by to see AnimSchool's awesome promotional animation and student work.

That master of cartoony animation, Eric Goldberg, came by the AnimSchool both and was treated to a showing of our Animation Principles lecture.

He seemed to be enjoying it, laughing all along the way! What an inspiration he is.

The genius behind the genie in Disney's Aladdin, animator and supervising animator on so many films, Eric Goldberg now appears to be a fan of our work at AnimSchool!

Matt Groening (of the Simpsons) and an entourage of friends and trailing fans swept through snapping endless photos and signing books and paraphernalia right in front of the AnimSchool booth.

From this picture, you'd think Matt Groening was an instructor at AnimSchool, but alas, not so!

Many students--and professionals as well--stopped by, thanking us repeatedly for the wonderful public release of AnimSchool's Malcolm rig!

Some hadn't heard of AnimSchool and were pleasantly surprised by the heart and soul we put into our work here. Many were thrilled to find a school with so much passion for characters, so excited about expressive animation, with our unique character instruction.

Some students received a personal review of their reel on their laptops and ipads, from an AnimSchool instructor. Here, AnimSchool instructor JP Sans is dishing out some great advice to aspiring animators.

Many students expressed the intention to enroll when they got back home, so it appears we'll be seeing many of our new friends again soon!

We all reveled in the inspiring environment-- an expo centered on individual the talents themselves! Many of the booths and tables were amazing character designers and artists showing their impressive work and selling sketchbooks and compilations faster than hotcakes. Here Brittany Lee tries in vain to keep up with the line of people wanting her to autograph her wonderful art book for them.

Three days later, our voices hoarse from non-stop talking, we returned home for a welcome rest. But when CTN comes around next year, we'll be back for more!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining us this year at CTNx. We look forward to seeing you again in 2012.
    Tina Price


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